Tasty Treats for Older Tots


Box of 12 single portion packs

What is it?

If your little one is starting to eat more foods, if you’re new to Kiddylicious, or just want to discover more of our fun snacks, why not treat yourself to our ‘Tasty Treats for Older Tots’ box?
Packed with 12 single-portion packs from our 12 months+ range this box is perfect for exploring the wonderful world of Kiddylicious, full of taste, texture and colour.

They DO NOT contain:

Added preservatives
Artificial flavours or colours

What’s in them?

2 x Smoothie Melts, 2 x Fruit Wriggles, 1 x Crispie Tiddlers, 1 x Apple Crisps, 1 x Banana Bites, 1 x Lentil Crisps, 1 x Quinoa Crisps, 1 x Veggie Straws, 1 x Chocolate splashed rice cakes, 1 x Yoghurt splashed rice cakes. 


Ingredients / Nutritionals / Suitable for:

As this box contains lots of different products please visit the individual product pages for detailed information.


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