The Kids Food Company ethos is about taking the finest ingredients and transforming them into delicious snacks.

This passion underlines everything we do.

The UK is at the forefront of innovation in baby and children's food - with The Kids Food Company driving the UK market growth. We deliver true innovation - we were the first to bring fruit snacks to the toddler fixture and have grown ever since selling one bag of Kiddylicious snacks every two seconds somewhere in the world.

Kiddylicious has a fantastic range of tasty treats for growing families from 7 months to 4 years old ranging from delicious Fruit and Vegetable Crisps, to Wibble Wobble Jelly Pots, to Gingerbread Buddies and many more yummy treats - there is something for everyone.
For older children there are Munch Bagz (4 years old onwards) , in keeping with the clean and healthy values of Kiddylicious but for kids that are feeling more “grown up”!

Sally, the founder of The Kids Food Company, (who worked as a food scientist at Marks & Spencer and is a busy mum of 2) remains actively involved in selecting the new products and encourages everyone (in the office / family / friends) to try them and tell her what they honestly think. She still uses her extensive technical skills to ensure all Kiddylicious and Munch Bagz products are supplied from great factories where we know everything about the ingredients used.